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E-Commerce Fulfillment

Has your E-Commerce site taken off?  Are you struggling to grow your business because filling orders is taking up all of your time?  Kitpak helps growing businesses that do not wish to take on the risk of setting up their own warehouse and all the associated costs to store and distribute their products.

Kitpak can help you benefit from efficiencies such as

 • No need for expensive warehouse space of your own to manage your products for distribution

 • No need to acquire expensive lift trucks or warehouse/inventory management systems

 • Seasonality or volume spikes and dips become more manageable for you

 • Reduced labour costs

As your fulfillment partner, Kitpak can

 • Take delivery of your products

 • Provide secure storage

 • Track inventory levels of your products

 • Process, pick, pack, and ship your orders

 • Manage your returns

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Promotional Product and Literature Fulfillment

Does your company have promotional products or sales aids that must be distributed to your Sales Representatives all across town or all across North America?

Do you achieve significant unit cost savings by ordering larger quantities from your manufacturer?

Do you need a place to store these products until they are required by your Sales Representatives?

Does your current system for managing promotional products have you stocking out at inconvenient times?

Kitpak can help by storing your promotional products or literature and distributing it to your sales team as required. When inventory levels run low notification is sent prompting you to replenish your stock.

Benefits of partnering with Kitpak:

 • Unit cost savings by producing larger quantities at one time

 • No need to manage or store the product in your office

 • No more running out of sales aids right before the big meeting

 • Focus on growing your core business, not managing promotional product distribution

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Kit Assembly

Needs Assessment.

When your promotion that includes numerous components is required, getting them assembled into the final product can be a real headache.  None of the individual product manufacturers want to do it.  Getting your own staff to do it takes them away from their regular jobs and performance suffers.

Kitpak provides the location to send the various components of your kit.  Kitpak then manages the labour to ensure that the kits are assembled quickly and accurately ready for distribution, whether it is one location across town or thousands across North America.  

Kitpak can provide the following:

 • Bagging

 • Banding

 • Sealing

 • Gluing

 • Repackaging

 • Reworking

 • Shrink wrapping

 • Taping

Needs Assessment. Needs Assessment.

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