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Kitpak Fulfillment

Welcome to Kitpak Fulfillment. Kitpak provides storage, inventory management, order fulfillment and kit assembly services to a number of industries.  Our quick response capability for both large and small volume projects combined with our strict quality control processes, separates Kitpak from the competition.  We are a valuable outsource partner for any company, large or small, seeking to improve their fulfillment processes at the lowest total cost.

If your project requires assembly, collating, banding, reworking, bagging, storing, filling orders, or work that must be done by hand, then Kitpak has a solution for you.

Kitpak delivers – quickly, professionally and cost effectively!

Industries Serviced

• Manufacturing

• Retail

• Franchise

• Local

• Advertising

• Wholesale

• Agribusiness

• Multinational

Kitpak Delivers - Quickly, Professionally, and Cost Effectively

Solutions For . . .

• E-Commerce Fulfillment

• Collateral Fulfillment

• Kit Assembly

• Rework

• Co-Pak Projects

Kitpak Fulfillment is a full service fulfillment house located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Kitpak has the skill and commitment to satisfy your needs, big or small, daily or occasionally, down the street or across the continent.

At Kitpak we are passionate about what we do.  Our business is built on providing timely and superior service to exceed our customer’s expectations.  Kitpak believes that in order to be the best we must constantly monitor our performance.  Standard Operating Procedures exist for all key business processes and performance is constantly monitored for order accuracy and on time delivery to ensure that performance standards are met and adhered to.  

Our commitment to adhering to our performance standards means that our service is consistent and reliable - day in and day out.   You are free to focus on what you do best and grow your business.  

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