Shopping Cart Integrations

Our system can integrate with almost any shopping cart on the market including: Shopify; Amazon; WooCommerce; BigCommerce; Etsy; ebay; Squarespace; Magento; Walmart; Weebly and many more. For additional information, please see our Integrations page.
Kitpak supports multi-channel sales and can integrate multiple platforms. We sync your inventory across all your sales platforms so each has the correct stock levels for your customers. Tracking numbers are posted back to the correct sales platform.
Tracking information is automatically posted back to the selling platform providing transparency for the end user while reducing calls for customer support.
Kitpak Fulfillment provides secure web portal access available 24/7 for clients to access their account and view inventory and/or run a wide variety of reports. This is part of the initial setup for new clients.
Summary billing for shipping and handling is done biweekly and monthly for storage.

Order Processing & Shipping

Kitpak Fulfillment provides daily service to the USA. Customers enjoy significant savings when they utilize Kitpak's service for their US bound shipments.
The Section 321 program of the USCBP allows for individual orders/shipments valued at under $800 USD to flow duty free across the border with some exceptions. The program allows Canadian businesses to ship orders to the US without having to launch a US business. Contact us to learn more about this program and how it may be beneficial for you.
Most carriers offer $100 per package insurance. Additional insurance is available for a fee. Kitpak can provide additional information on insurance. Please contact us today!
Kitpak Fulfillment provides numerous benefits to clients including significant cost savings through: reduced space requirements; reduced labor; lower packaging costs; lower freight rates; faster service; and much more. Contact us to learn more about our commitment to saving you money.

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