What to Include in the Box with Your Customer Order

You have received an online order and you’ve prepared it for shipping directly to your customer. Don’t close, seal and label that shipping box just yet! Your customer is anxiously waiting for their order to arrive so make the order opening or unboxing experience memorable for them.

Consider what else you can include in the box that will be beneficial to both you and your customer. Whatever you enclose in the box with an order will always be seen, so make it something your customer will value.

Here are some ideas for what you could include in the box.

Business Card

A business card enclosed with every new order is your chance to provide an easy way for your customer to reach you without having to go to the website to find your contact information. Your business card will provide more exposure for your brand.

Thank You Note

A thank you included in the box will show your customer that you care about them and value their business. This expression of gratitude is uncommon in todays’ world of online shopping and including a Thank You note with your orders will definitely make you stand out. It will also make your customer feel good and they will remember you.

Discount Coupon

A discount coupon is an incentive for your customer to return and make another purchase. To make it more effective (fear of missing out), provide a deadline for redemption of the coupon. This is an easy way to generate repeat sales.

Product Catalogue

New customers may not be fully aware of your product line. Including your product catalogue in the box for new customers is a great way to showcase other products that you offer. A product catalogue will typically increase sales as customers can readily see products that you stock, as well as the pricing.

User Guide

For some larger or more complicated products, customers will find a User Guide to be beneficial. The User Guide may include assembly, operating and trouble-shooting instructions as well as detailed safety precautions. User Guides are valued by customers and are typically saved for reference at a later date. A User Guide also offers branding potential.

Product Sample

Including a free product sample is a great way to market new products to your existing customers. Your customer will appreciate being considered for a free gift and you will increase your chances of gaining new sales.

Customer Survey

The right time to ask a customer to take your short satisfaction survey could be at the very moment they are engaged with your product. The survey should be concise and easy to complete. Consider creating a small card for your survey request with a QR code link to your online survey and be sure to tell your customer the length of the survey and the time commitment required to complete it. For example, you could say “Just 4 questions and less than one minute to complete”. Customers can easily scan the QR code to complete the survey.

Sale Flyer

Including a sale flyer in the box for all orders is a great way to stimulate sales, especially from those who may not have otherwise considered making another purchase. Ensure that the sale has an end date or expiry date in the not-too-distant future to stimulate immediate action. Another tactic to stimulate quick customer action would be to limit the number of items available for the sale. Your customers will not want to miss out on the beneficial pricing or limited availability.

Including something of value in the shipping box is a great way for you to differentiate yourself from your competitors while stimulating increased sales from your existing customers.

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Are You Planning a FREE SHIPPING Promotion?

Many online businesses contemplate offering FREE shipping to their online customers either as a special time-limited promotion or even permanently. Here are some of the Pros and Cons to be aware of.


• Easy for online shoppers
• Final cost is known in advance
• Reduced shopping cart abandonment
• Potential for increased sales
• Happier customers


• Free shipping may reduce margins
• Shipping to remote locations can be expensive
• Seller must closely monitor freight costs

Offering free shipping for online orders is an extremely popular strategy that is gaining greater momentum in the world of e-commerce. Free shipping does not mean an online store loses revenue; it simply means that the online shopper is not presented with a separate shipping charge for their purchase. When providing free shipping, average shipping costs are typically built into the price of the product so that the customer does not have to contend with unexpected shipping costs and therefore does not have the opportunity to re-evaluate and possibly cancel the purchase prior to completion.

When shipping parcels in Canada, there are some destinations that cost much more to ship to than other destinations. These areas typically require some form of extended and expensive service such as air freight in order to effect delivery.

To help you better plan for a FREE SHIPPING promotion, Kitpak Fulfillment has identified some of the Canada Post destinations or Forward Sortation Areas (FSA’s) that can be significantly more expensive to reach when shipping by Canada Post.

When shipping to the FSA’s in the list below, you may want to consider adding a surcharge to cover the extra shipping costs or you may simply choose to exclude these FSA’s from the FREE SHIPPING promotion.

FSA’s are identified by the first 3 digits in the Postal Code.

R0B     R0C     A0K     A0P     G0G     J0M     P0L     P0T     P0V     S0J     T0H     T0P     V0J     V0N     V0P     V0R     V0T     V0V     X0A     X0B     X0C     X0E     Y0B

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