Tips to Enhance the Customer Unboxing Experience

With the explosive growth of online shopping, many online merchants are online only, without a physical, bricks and mortar presence. These merchants do not have the opportunity to create a memorable “wow” experience for their customers in person, so they need to be creative to stand out in other ways such as by creating a memorable unboxing experience when an online order is received.

Packaging used to be a function of the shipping department where goods were packaged and prepared for shipment. The goal was more or less to utilize packaging that provided a good chance for the product to arrive at its’ destination undamaged.

Today, packaging has evolved to the point where it is now integral to the overall customer satisfaction experience. Packaging done right not only protects products from damage, but it can also be used to create a memorable customer experience and a positive brand image, stimulating repeat business.


Here are a few tips on how to be creative and get more out of your packaging.


Be unique in your packaging

Unique Packaging by Jukebox Print

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There are many ways to make your packaging unique and to stand out from the mass of brown corrugated shipping boxes. One way is to use a custom printed box with your brand prominently displayed. This will reinforce that you care about the customer as the packaging has your name on it.

No business wants their name prominently displayed on a crushed box so ensure it is sturdy enough to meet the hazards of handling and transportation.

If custom printed boxes are too costly for your budget, you can still achieve some level of customization by utilizing a custom-made rubber stamp for printing your logo or a unique design on the box. It’s inexpensive, quick to do and can be memorable.

Another way to stand out is to utilize a unique colour or colours in your packaging. The bright or unique colour may or may not match your brand image and the theme can be carried through to all of your packaging materials including the box, labels, packing slip, etc.

In some cases, unique packaging materials can be utilized to enhance the box, creating a memorable look. Metallic look papers, unique fabrics, pre-printed packaging tape and custom printed labels or stickers are a relatively inexpensive way to spruce up the box to create a unique and memorable look.

Don’t forget what else goes in the box

Since the goal is to create a great and memorable unboxing experience for your customer, what else goes in the box along with your product is really important. It can speak volumes about how much you value your customer. Here are a few items to consider including in the box.

A thank you note, hand written if possible, is often an unexpected yet very much appreciated gesture that can go a long way to securing repeat business. Every box should contain a thank you even if it is short and pre-printed.

A discount coupon is an appreciated surprise and is an effective method of stimulating repeat business. For better results, make the discount coupon time-limited or for use on a specific targeted product.

A product sample included in the box is an effective method of introducing customers to a new or related product. Customers are always happy to receive something for free.

A small treat placed in the box, such as packaged candy, is an inexpensive way to create a memorable and unique experience. It creates a similar reaction to a hotel leaving a couple of chocolates on the pillow in your room. It’s unexpected and nice.

There is much more that can be included in the box such as a review or online survey request, a sale flyer, a user guide, etc. Don’t include everything you have with every order as you may want to provide new customers with something different than returning customers.

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What to Include in the Box with Your Customer Order

You have received an online order and you’ve prepared it for shipping directly to your customer. Don’t close, seal and label that shipping box just yet! Your customer is anxiously waiting for their order to arrive so make the order opening or unboxing experience memorable for them.

Consider what else you can include in the box that will be beneficial to both you and your customer. Whatever you enclose in the box with an order will always be seen, so make it something your customer will value.

Here are some ideas for what you could include in the box.

Business Card

A business card enclosed with every new order is your chance to provide an easy way for your customer to reach you without having to go to the website to find your contact information. Your business card will provide more exposure for your brand.

Thank You Note

A thank you included in the box will show your customer that you care about them and value their business. This expression of gratitude is uncommon in todays’ world of online shopping and including a Thank You note with your orders will definitely make you stand out. It will also make your customer feel good and they will remember you.

Discount Coupon

A discount coupon is an incentive for your customer to return and make another purchase. To make it more effective (fear of missing out), provide a deadline for redemption of the coupon. This is an easy way to generate repeat sales.

Product Catalogue

New customers may not be fully aware of your product line. Including your product catalogue in the box for new customers is a great way to showcase other products that you offer. A product catalogue will typically increase sales as customers can readily see products that you stock, as well as the pricing.

User Guide

For some larger or more complicated products, customers will find a User Guide to be beneficial. The User Guide may include assembly, operating and trouble-shooting instructions as well as detailed safety precautions. User Guides are valued by customers and are typically saved for reference at a later date. A User Guide also offers branding potential.

Product Sample

Including a free product sample is a great way to market new products to your existing customers. Your customer will appreciate being considered for a free gift and you will increase your chances of gaining new sales.

Customer Survey

The right time to ask a customer to take your short satisfaction survey could be at the very moment they are engaged with your product. The survey should be concise and easy to complete. Consider creating a small card for your survey request with a QR code link to your online survey and be sure to tell your customer the length of the survey and the time commitment required to complete it. For example, you could say “Just 4 questions and less than one minute to complete”. Customers can easily scan the QR code to complete the survey.

Sale Flyer

Including a sale flyer in the box for all orders is a great way to stimulate sales, especially from those who may not have otherwise considered making another purchase. Ensure that the sale has an end date or expiry date in the not-too-distant future to stimulate immediate action. Another tactic to stimulate quick customer action would be to limit the number of items available for the sale. Your customers will not want to miss out on the beneficial pricing or limited availability.

Including something of value in the shipping box is a great way for you to differentiate yourself from your competitors while stimulating increased sales from your existing customers.

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Packaging Tips for e-Fulfillment

The importance of packaging in the e-commerce order fulfillment process is often undervalued or overlooked. Many online merchants consider packaging to be a necessary evil and seek to minimize their expense, disregarding the implications of an improperly packaged order.

Besides the cost of the packaging materials themselves, there are numerous other considerations surrounding your product packaging that should be understood. You should always use the right size packaging, lightweight yet sturdy and avoid overpackaging. Here are a few tips to help you with your e-fulfillment packaging.

Right Size

Your products should be packaged in the best sized box. If it is too large, it may be costing you more in protective filler and in dimensional shipping charges. Unless properly protected, products packed loosely in oversized boxes are susceptible to damage. If the box is too small, you also face the risk of the product being damaged. Always choose the right sized packaging for your products. It will save you money.


Lightweight packaging can save a significant amount of money in shipping cost. Shipping boxes that are too large for your product not only adds weight due to the excess box size, but also the weight of the protective filler as well. Depending on your product, it may be possible to choose lightweight filler materials such as air pockets, bubble wrap or biodegradable packing peanuts.

Sturdy and Strong

When you have chosen the right sized box and have selected the right lightweight filler materials, you also need to ensure that your package will hold up to the rigors of the transportation method you have chosen while enroute to your customer. Does your packaging need to hold up for a local delivery or does it need to withstand multiple points of contact as it moves across the country? Your fulfillment partner or packaging supplier can assist in the selection of appropriately sturdy shipping materials, designed to withstand the demands of handling and transportation.

Avoid Overpackaging

Products sold online do not typically require the same secure, theft-proof packaging common in a bricks and mortar retail environment. So don’t use that type of packaging. Not only does it add unnecessary cost, consumers today are well aware of the environmental impact of overpackaging and demand better from their vendors. Show your customer you care about them and the environment and avoid excess packaging whenever possible.


If you accept product returns, ensure your package is return friendly. Some merchants use one-time, single use packaging that is difficult to open without damage, making it difficult to use for a product return. This does not add any value for your customer and may deter future purchases.

Think About the Customer

The unboxing of their order is a very important part of the customer experience and online merchants should always try to make it memorable for their customers. After all, the goal is to have this customer return to your online store and purchase again. If the unboxing experience is positive, unique and memorable, your customer may share with their circle of friends, leading to potential new customers. So how do you do this? There are several things you can do, including: use custom, stand-out packaging; present your product in a great way when the box is opened; insert a discount coupon; include a free sample; a thank you note.  Creating a positive and memorable unboxing experience creates happy, repeat customers.

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Pricing Strategies to Get More Sales

When you launch your online store, how to price your products is an important consideration. You will want to research your competition to understand their market positioning and pricing and then decide how to position your products relative to your competition. Pricing must be set high enough to cover your costs and provide an acceptable profit margin, however it cannot exceed what the market will bear.

Is there anything an online merchant can do with pricing to help increase sales? Of course! There are numerous effective pricing strategies that savvy merchants employ to increase sales. Here are a few worth considering.

Loss Leader

This strategy seeks to attract shoppers to an online store where the merchant is offering deeply discounted pricing on a popular item (the Loss Leader). Once the shopper is in the store and engaged with the content, the merchant has numerous opportunities to promote other, higher-priced products to the shopper.

For example, if the Loss Leader is a flashlight, perhaps high margin batteries would be a good related offer. If the Loss Leader is a popular camera model, present the buyer with higher margin items related to the camera such as a memory card, spare batteries, a camera case, a tripod and the list goes on.

Bundle Pricing

Bundle pricing is where a merchant will offer reduced pricing for a predetermined bundle of products that would otherwise cost much more if purchased separately. This tactic stimulates the buyer to purchase more than originally intended in order to take advantage of the Bundle Pricing cost savings.

For example, if the merchant is selling cameras, the Bundle Pricing deal could also include a camera lens, a case and a memory card. Another example could target a desktop printer and the Bundle Pricing could include related products such as an extended warranty, spare toner and/or a case of paper. Of course, the cost savings of the offer must generate enough value for the buyer. It is unlikely that a buyer will increase their order by $100 in order to achieve a $2 savings.

Bundle pricing can be effective for selling off slow moving stock.

Version Pricing

Version Pricing is where a merchant will create multiple versions of a product in order to appeal to a broader segment of the market. This strategy is common practice in the photography market where merchants make available various camera models, each appealing to a different market segment. This may include an entry level model with less features and lower resolution, a more feature laden model targeted at the photography enthusiast and a high resolution, feature laden camera targeted at the semi-pro or professional market segment. Many products can be adapted to Version Pricing… can yours?

Volume Discounts

The Volume Discount pricing strategy is used to motivate buyers to increase the amount they purchase. Buy more and get a larger discount. Things are cheaper by the dozen! Using Volume Discount pricing allows consumers to save money by spending more. It’s a win for both the buyer and the merchant.

Volume Discount pricing is an effective strategy for selling off excess inventory.

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